A homeless man and his little dog cling to each other while trying to survive in the cold

devastating story of unconditional support in the toughest circumstances between a homeless man and his dog has gone around the world.

It is nothing more than the indolent face of a dehumanized society that seems to ignore the pain of others, without taking the poverty of people in the streets and the helplessness of animals as something of its own.

They definitely pretend like it’s not with them, and do nothing to change it, even when other people’s lives are snuffed out right under their noses.

This unfortunate case has become a reminder of how special the relationship between a puppy and its owner is.

Lulo was a man who lived on the streets, his life was not easy at all and a series of problems forced him to live asking others for help to feed himself.

The poor homeless man survived in the city of Severo , with his dog, in Brazil.


He had lost everything but in the midst of those difficult days he gained a truly unconditional friendship.

Bingo, a little dog who was also homeless, approached him and they became best friends. But, when the intense cold season arrived, things became much more difficult.

“The little dogs are always there. They do not care about the wealth or poverty of their owners . “That is love,” said a moved Internet user.

A puppy will never look at your pocket, he will only give love without measure until the end

Despite the little he had, Lulo decided to raise some money to take Bingo to the vet .

It was very cold and I also wanted to buy a blanket. However , for him, the most important thing was to ensure the health of his dog.

Both were known in the community, so a kind soul gave him a blanket so he could deal with the inclement weather.

But unfortunately, someone stole it and they were exposed to the freezing temperatures.

“Every city should have a shelter. No matter the situation, everyone deserves to have a roof over their head,” said another person.

The best friends had no choice but to cling to each other for warmth

Before he had two blankets to keep him warm, but now there was only one left. One night, which was recorded as the coldest in the municipality, Lulo and Bingo died, because of someone who took from them the minimum they needed to preserve their lives.

The reason was that they simply could not withstand the low temperatures. They were found hugging tightly.

“This is the last straw. They are living beings just like us and no one should be enduring the cold and sleeping on the sidewalks. “Cry out to heaven!” expressed another person, full of helplessness.

They used some cardboard to try to protect themselves, but all in vain. The cold was harsh on them and they were completely frozen. The image was too sad and many began to wonder if it really could have been avoided.

“How sad. “We should have a little more love for our neighbors so that this stops happening.”

Living on the streets is not easy at all. Lulo and Bingo spent their last days giving each other love and support.

They did not have the help they so desperately needed but they left hugging each other and sure that they would be safe as long as they protected each other . Unfortunately, this was not enough.

“The least the rulers could do is create a decent shelter.”

In the midst of these hard reflections, they decided to bury the beloved pair of friends together. Now, his remains rest in the municipal cemetery . And together, they will enjoy the other side of the rainbow, without spending a single more day of hunger, cold, indifference and rejection.

We hope that his story lives on in the memories of many to remind us of the importance of helping others. A simple gesture like donating a coat can save someone’s life.

Lulo and Bingo deserve their story to be known to fight for a better world. Enough of so much indolence!

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