A little dog is caught having an elegant evening with his owner in a restaurant

The presence of a little dog with its owner in a restaurant sharing an elegant date touched not only those present but thousands of people on social media.

A man has earned the admiration and respect of thousands of people around the world after images of a romantic date with his dog were spread on the networks .

Gemma Colon was able to witness in the front row the emotional scene that soon conquered everyone . Gemma was in a restaurant in New York City when she came across a scene that completely caught her attention.

Man is captured having the most romantic date with his adorable dog.


Near the table where he was there was a man sharing a romantic evening, far from enjoying the company of any human presence, the man was very comfortable and happy sharing his dinner with an adorable dog . In this regard, Gemma commented:

“I was presented with one of the most unexpectedly moving sights.

“I noticed this dog sitting in front of his owner , perched on a chair, acting like an absolute gentleman.”

Colon could not have had a more beautiful view, he was lucky enough to see the adorable couple in close-up . In this regard he said:

“The man was doing a crossword puzzle and drinking a glass of red wine with his meal.

His date (the dog) was enjoying his own bowl of water , which he sipped politely.

It was really surprising how well the little dog behaved . “I saw better table manners displayed by this dog than I have seen in some humans.”

Faced with the emotional scene, Colón was not the only one who was delighted, other diners seemed just as happy and surprised to see such a different but happy couple enjoying dinner .

No one dared to interrupt them, but through a comment from the waiters, Colón heard that this man and his dog usually do this type of activity .

“At one point I overheard a waitress commenting on how good the dog was, and the man responded by saying that he took the dog with him everywhere.

It definitely seemed like a very pleasant date , with lovely company,” said Colon.

Without a doubt, this man is certain that life is lived much better if you have a furry companion by your side . And of course, if far from judging you they only want to offer you loyalty and unconditional love.

The touching scene was shared through the TikTok social network and it didn’t take long for Internet users to melt with love. Some of the most popular comments read:

“It’s the cutest date I’ve ever seen before.”

Someone else commented:

-“Your dog will never fail you or break your heart. Eternal love and companionship all the way . Lucky man”.

Another user highlighted:

-“The kind of love for animals that everyone should have in their heart. Congratulations to you, gentleman.”

-“He is a good dad, I love seeing people who really love their furry friends . ”

There were many and diverse comments on the networks, what we cannot deny is that this man and his dog have a great bond and a beautiful complicity . It is increasingly common for the furry member of our family to be accepted in restaurants or on public transportation.

Currently, there are many places that allow furry dogs , if you have any questions, consult one of the Apps about places you can visit with your dog.

You just have to visit the website, review the regulations for furry animals in restaurants, be willing to add happiness and that’s it. You can continue enjoying the presence of your dog and have a romantic date.

We love those people who don’t make excuses but instead make options to do something extraordinary with their dog.

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