A man jumps into a frozen lake to save the life of a dog he didn’t even know

A poor little dog was fighting for his life on a frozen lake when an unknown man, but very brave and with the noblest of hearts, did everything possible to save him.

Don Chatten showed what his heart is made of when he didn’t mind jumping into a frozen lake to save the life of a stranger’s dog , who was about to drown.

Chatten is a dog lover who lives in Buffalo, New York. This man has two rescue dogs of his own and regularly takes them to Bark Park in Ellicott Creek Park to play and get some exercise.

The man clung to the almost frozen dog to give him warmth and save his life.


On a cold February day, she took her puppies, Duke and Milo, to the park as usual. As he was leaving the place, a very anxious man approached Chatten and asked him if he had seen a small terrier named Jackson.

Chatten, who has enormous sensitivity with animals, told the subject that he would help him look for his lost dog , and the two separated and began to check every corner of the park.

Chatten, Duke and Milo walked all over the place, but didn’t see the terrier. Then they came to a footbridge that crossed the Tonawanda Creek. Suddenly, his dogs stopped walking and started barking .

Chatten looked down the creek and saw a small terrier struggling to stay afloat in the icy water.

There were two other women standing near the water watching the scene with great anguish, they were Mary Balicki and Samantha Kelly.

Chatten knew the creek and knew that the waters were not deep

Balicki said they should call 911, but Chatten was worried that Jackson wouldn’t be able to hold out that long .

The terrier’s owner was nowhere to be seen, so Chatten quickly decided to jump into the water to save him. He approached the women and handed Balicki her jacket and his wallet. Then, he entered the water.

Chatten knew the water was shallow near the creek’s edge . He tried to crawl on the ice, but suddenly the icy layer gave way.

At that moment, the water was up to his waist. Without feeling afraid, she broke the ice and continued forward, until she reached poor Jackson .

Chatten quickly reached the terrier and pulled him out of the water. Because he took a slightly different path back to shore, he had to break more ice.

The man who was rescuing the pet felt a slight failure in his breathing as he approached the edge of the stream , as a result of the icy water, but was able to reach land.

Balicki and Kelly were truly amazed by Chatten’s bravery . Not many people would be willing to jump into a frozen lake to save someone else’s dog. That made our friend a true hero.

Chatten received the Animal Hero Rescue Award for his noble action

Chatten returned Jackson to his grateful owner. The pet was immediately taken to the vet . Fortunately, the dog was fine!

Samantha Kelly posted photos of Chatten’s daring rescue on Facebook , and many people called him a hero. Chatten said it wasn’t really a heroic act, in fact, he gave the credit to Duke and Milo, who were the ones who actually found the terrier.

The American Red Cross of Western and Central New York awarded Chatten its Animal Hero Rescue Award . After risking his life to save little Jackson, Chatten deserved this recognition!

Chatten’s excellent action is inspiring, he is a brave man who did an incredible job saving a small terrier from a frozen stream.

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