Dog goes to the hospital to meet the person she loves most for the last time

An adorable dog entered her owner’s hospital room to say goodbye to him forever. Unfortunately, she knew that they would never play together again , enjoy a walk or rest on the couch.

She wanted to show him how much she loved him at such a difficult time for him and his family.

The loyalty of dogs goes beyond everything, they are capable of offering us their love unconditionally. They are known as “man’s best friends” for a reason , and it couldn’t be any other way, because nothing compares to the joy of having them as companions.

One of the most difficult situations in life is facing the moment when we have to say goodbye forever to a loved one; we are not prepared to live with the pain of their absence.

A scene has touched the hearts of millions of people at the Rideout Memorial Hospital in Marysville,  California, where a 33-year-old young man was admitted who began to suffer sudden headaches.

I thought it was migraines but the diagnosis was very discouraging.


Ryan had a brain hemorrhage with a serious prognosis , so he was admitted urgently expecting the worst.

His family spent his last days at his side and asked the hospital to allow access to Mollie, his dog, who was part of the family and also wanted to say goodbye to him.

The hospital accepted the request and Ryan was able to say goodbye to Mollie , who accompanied him for many years of his life.

The dog said goodbye to the person she loves most, offering him all her love

Michelle, her sister recorded a video of the dog ‘s emotional farewell and shared it on her Facebook profile along with this message:

“The hospital did a very sweet thing for us, they allowed us to bring my brother’s dog so I could say goodbye. Now she knows why her owner won’t come home.”

It is very moving, it was impossible for me to hold back tears at this beautiful scene.

The dog is sniffing its owner, and has its tail between its paws and its ears fixed on its sad gaze, it already knows what is happening.


Ryan’s sister explained that doctors presume that the bleeding occurred because Ryan suffered a rise in blood pressure, although they also say that it may be attributed to high consumption of energy drinks.

His family has decided to donate the organs to save the lives of other people, they have even agreed to save that of a 17-year-old boy who urgently needs a transplant and will receive Ryan’s heart.

“We know that his heart will bring a lot of joy to the recipient’s family, I wish Ryan could see the difference his heart is going to make in this boy’s life,” his sister Michelle commented.

His story touches our hearts, the family wanted to share it to help prevent other cases by warning about the consumption of energy drinks. But they also gave the world a lesson in unity, love and hope.

On social media, thousands of people admire the act of solidarity of healthcare personnel who understood that the presence of the patient’s pet would be an important support in their last moments.

In addition, the dog felt comforted and was able to participate in the difficult situation that the family was going through.

In cases like this, it was worth breaking the rules to witness an act of love that touches everyone’s heart.

Here you can see the touching moment when Mollie says goodbye to her owner:

They, along with Mollie , are a wonderful family who will have an angel who will always watch over them from heaven. Their love goes beyond life and even if it is in dreams they will be able to meet again.

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