Dog thrown into the rain can’t stop shaking in his corner, feeding on rocks to live

It only takes one thing that, no matter how small it may seem, can make a difference to save a dog . There are those who, in the midst of their apathy, decide to move on and pretend that there are many vulnerable furry children on the streets; Others are part of the solution and fight for just causes where these four-legged angels are treated with the love and respect they deserve .

Terrified dog trembled with fear of being abandoned on a rainy night.


Unfortunately, the reality for every dog ​​is different , especially for those who spend their days trying to survive on the streets.

This is one of those stories, like the ones we have reviewed on other occasions in Zoorprendente , that remind us that although there are ruthless beings capable of unfairly treating puppies, there are others willing to give them second chances .

Dimka is the name of our beautiful protagonist , a furry boy who was cruelly abandoned by his owner on a rainy night. In the midst of his terrible situation, the little dog could only cry while he tried to take refuge in a corner.

He was very scared, he was shaking from the cold, from fear or hunger . Or maybe a mix of everything, this caused him to eat some rocks and dirt which later ended up making his situation worse.

Fortunately, a local rescue group from Russia learned of his case and quickly came to the scene to provide him with all the help he needed.

His situation moved the rescuers, it is difficult to understand how someone like him can do so much harm to such a defenseless being .

When help arrived, the little dog clung to another corner, it was as if from that small space he wanted to isolate himself from the terrible reality he was experiencing.

After everything he had been through, it was difficult for him to trust people , so the rescuers had to be very patient to approach him without the dog feeling even more overwhelmed.

After several minutes one of the rescuers managed to take him in his arms and took him to the veterinary clinic.

After a series of exams, they were able to determine that he was about two months old, dehydrated and malnourished. What worried his rescuers the most was that he had two worms in his little body . These usually appear in wounds and ulcers.

It was necessary that they act as soon as possible, in order to prevent the larvae from continuing to cause damage, otherwise it could cause very serious consequences.

Fortunately, Dimka was in good hands, the vet cleaned his wounds and prescribed oral antibiotic treatment to help him heal completely .

The first days were not easy at all, the little dog seemed immersed in his own world inside the kennel, he did not leave the corner and was intimidated every time one of his caregivers tried to approach him .

His caretakers thought it was possible that he had been mistreated by his former owners.

Not only did they have to treat his physical wounds, but also his emotional wounds, these took a little more time , but with a lot of love and patience they managed to get the little dog to come out of his shell.

With encouraging words and small gestures of love they managed to get Dimka to approach them. In the video one of her caregivers tells her:

“You don’t have to be afraid, come here, let’s go. You can do it! “No one will hurt you.”

He finally understood that these people only wanted to help him. Since then, the little dog finished his treatment by receiving a lot of pampering .

Two months have passed since her rescue and Dimka’s transformation is incredible . She now loves playing with other dogs at the shelter but above all having all the attention of her caregivers.

“He already understood that people are good, he loves to run and be petted all the time. If you don’t do it, she will bark,” said one of her caregivers.

This little dog is waiting to win a family and continue his life under the care of loving people . We trust that he will have the happy ending he deserves and will fill with joy the hearts of those who recognize that he is a being of love who only wants to feel loved.

His life completely changed thanks to the incredible work of a rescue group that offers second chances. Support the local rescue center and commit to being an instrument of light and love in the lives of furry children.

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