Elderly dog ​​cries on the legs of her soldier owner when she sees her return alive

For an elderly and faithful dog , who is about to cross the rainbow , nothing can be as devastating as the thought of thinking that she could leave without saying goodbye to her beloved owner for the last time.

And there are very few lives as complicated as those of soldiers. Especially for the time they are forced to stay away from their home, and with the anxiety of knowing if they will return alive to tell the tale.

These heroes without capes not only miss their partners and their children, but for those who have pets and truly love them, having to part with their furry children is one of the most difficult tests.

Sometimes it can take years until they can hug their loved ones again.

The saddest thing about this hard separation is that sometimes animals miss their humans so much that they become depressed, going through a truly heartbreaking chronic emotional condition.

That was the drama that soldier Hannah Foraker went through, who starred in an emotional reunion with her dog Buddy, in a video that has gone totally viral.

Certainly, there are countless videos of reunions between owners and pets on the Internet, and we cannot help but be surprised by how wonderful they are. But what the devastated golden retriever experienced with her beloved owner will definitely warm your heart.

Buddy is a 13-year-old golden retriever who spent his entire time on earth with his best friend Hannah. But when the young girl turned 21, she enlisted in the Army and went to basic training in Oklahoma.

Hannah’s heart definitely hurt when she had to say goodbye to her furry friend and her horse, Derby. She was away from home for several months , and one of the things she was most excited about, and what made her remain firm without stopping fighting for her life, was hugging Buddy again.

So when Hannah returned home for Christmas after being away at basic training for three months, she couldn’t wait to see Buddy. And the beautiful and faithful Buddy, of course, could barely contain her happiness and excitement when he saw Hannah again.

Since she is already old, the dog suffers from arthritis and is deaf

little dog

Hannah and Buddy have been together since the furry one was a puppy . And despite his deafness, that was not an obstacle to having the most beautiful reaction.

The moment she sees Hannah after three months of separation, she buries her head in her friend’s lap and begins to cry with happiness. Of course, Hannah was too moved and started caressing her to comfort her, trying not to break down completely.

At first Buddy was unaware of her presence, but as soon as he noticed that Hannah had returned home, he began to cry in a terribly moving way , and threw himself upon her with indescribable love.

“We opened the front door and she ran out and greeted me and my family, but then she looked back at me,” Hannah said.

The video that shows the reunion of Hannah and Buddy has not left anyone indifferent. It accumulates millions of views and a wave of comments from all excited Internet users.

Buddy had very little left to cross the rainbow bridge , so it is a great joy that he is back at his owner’s side after so much time apart. The wait was worth it!

Buddy’s story is a reminder that no matter how long we are away, our pets will show us that wonderful, unconditional affection that characterizes animals .

Watch Buddy’s emotional reunion with Hannah in the video below:

This is a truly wonderful and moving video. Have you ever witnessed a reaction like that? We don’t deserve dogs!

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