He resists eating for fear that it is a trick and then he will be punished again.

little dog that refuses to eat for fear that everything is an evil plan to deceive and mistreat him once again is something that breaks our hearts.

Benji is a beautiful little dog who spent the first years of his life in the worst possible conditions . His owner used to keep him restrained in a cold, small space . He spent a long time without being able to meet anyone who cared about him and as the months passed, they simply stopped giving him the food he so desperately needed.

Benji was rescued in South Africa.

As if that were not enough, Benji suffered much more than hunger. People who passed by him caused severe injuries using stones or any object they found near him.

Fortunately, a kind soul understood the serious danger this little dog was in and decided to call a rescue group to take action.

Benji’s owners said they simply “forgot” to feed him.

The animal rescue organization Sidewalk Specials came to the scene and once they met him their hearts broke .

In all their years of experience they had never seen a creature as affected and scared as Benji. The first thing they had to do was gain his trust , but the nervous little dog seemed to believe that everyone who approached him would only do him more harm .

Benji refused to eat, thinking it was nothing more than a trick to hurt him.


The rescuers offered him some food to get his attention. He still seemed very suspicious , but he had not eaten for so long that he couldn’t refuse and he started walking towards them.

The little dog walked with great difficulty and couldn’t stop shaking . Everyone had to make a great effort to take him to the vet and try to calm him down. Thanks to these loving rescuers, Benji began to receive the help that he should have received a long time ago.

Benji had spent his entire life restrained in a small concrete room.

However, the most difficult thing in the recovery process would be for the beautiful little dog to understand that he was now safe and could trust humans again.

They gave him a temporary home where they made sure he received the exact treatment. After a week, her spirits were getting better and she even managed to make her first friend : another rescued dog.

The wound on his tail will take much longer to heal because he can’t stop wagging it out of pure joy.

After a couple of months he was ready to look for a forever home .

Thanks to his moving story, it didn’t take him long to find the right person and now he can count on the security of having a loving mother who will never let him go hungry or cold again.

Benji’s story has already been seen by more than a million people around the world:

He still has a long road ahead , but he is extremely happy and has already regained trust in people . Despite his tough past, he is a little dog full of energy that lights up the hearts of everyone who knows him.

We are so happy that Benji is finally safe surrounded by the love he deserves. But it’s not fair that such a lovable creature has to deal with the fear of being hurt again. Abusers have no idea of ​​the damage they cause to these innocent little souls who only know how to give love.

May this shocking rescue story motivate us to raise our voices against people as inhumane as Benji’s first owner.

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