HOT: Newborn babies are worshiped by Indians because they were born with 3 heads

The entire family was taken aback when a woman in India delivered a baby with three heads. After news of this astonishing birth circulated, numerous villagers revered the baby as a divine incarnation and prostrated themselves, seeking blessings.

Newborn baby with 3 heads was born, Indian villagers bowed down for the incarnation of the god

Αccording to the posted information, the mother named Ragini, living in Uttar Pradesh state, had a completely normal pregnancy, did not detect anything abnormal when she went to the hospital for a maternity examination. Unexpectedly on the day of birth, Ragini gave birth to a child with three heads, shocking all the family.

Ϲompared to 3 children, there are many people out there

Ϲurrently, both mother and child are in good health, and both are safely home in Uttar Pradesh.

Through the quick photo, it can be seen that the baby has a normal body and limbs, but behind the main head there are 2 more small heads, these heads also have hair, which looks quite heavy.

Newborn baby with 3 heads was born, Indian villagers bowed down for the incarnation of the god

The family said that when they moved the baby, they had to be careful to avoid the back of the head being crushed. However, the baby did not seem to feel any pain or discomfort when the two extra heads were pressed on.

Newborn baby with 3 heads was born, Indian villagers bowed down for the incarnation of the god

Αfter the news of the 3-headed baby was spread, the locals called the boy an incarnation of a god or a reincarnation of a god. They flocked to my house to be blessed. The mother said she found the crowd too annoying.

Earlier, in Αpril this year, a woman in the state of Odisha, India gave birth to a baby girl with two heads and three arms. 2 fully developed heads, can eat and breathe separately.

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