“I got desperate, I started crying” – When he sees his owner he plays dead floating in a pond

dog owner was truly baffled and shocked when he saw his beloved pet floating in a pond.

The worst tragedy was the first thing that crossed his mind. Since she revealed the details of what happened to his dog, the comments for the furry dog ​​have not stopped.

Although dogs are characterized by having a big heart, this does not exempt them from being truly naughty if they set their mind to it. They can make our home chaotic and, from time to time, give us a big scare.

Surely your pet has played a joke on you on some occasion, but what Jonel’s owner had to go through has no limits, and that is why the man went to the networks to tell his story.


This little dog knew how to get his owner’s attention after not having played with him during the day and the man almost had a heart attack when he found him, he did not expect to see such a shocking scene.

Jonel left the house and took a dip in a pond near the property, but when he noticed his human dad approaching, he decided to “play dead.”

Jonel’s owner couldn’t believe it when he saw his dog floating motionless in the water


Perhaps no other is a better actor than this furry one and his performance gave his desperate owner a great scare who did not know how to assimilate what his eyes were seeing.

The man was shocked to find the animal floating in the water and looking like it had drowned, but he took his breath when he decided to go closer to get his dog out of the water.

Although he had been paralyzed with fear, he began to cry and tried to react to face the situation no matter how difficult it was. He couldn’t leave his dog there, deep down he hoped that he would be okay.

At that moment Jonel came out jumping on all fours… “Surprise daddy, I’m alive!”

The man did not even know how to react, because despite seeing him walking and alive, he had a hard time recovering from the scare his pet had given him. It was a horrible moment that he will never be able to forget.

Those brief seconds of deception were a real torment for the man who fell for the joke.

Even worse is that this prankster dog couldn’t hold back his laughter the moment his human dad decided to scold him for the scare he had given him.

For some, the matter may be unlikely, but Jonel seems like a more than intelligent dog and if you don’t believe it, just look at his reaction.

This was the mocking face that the furry boy gave his father after completely deceiving him

This story went viral after the owner shared his experience in the Facebook group Furr Station , in which more than 105,000 people were surprised by Jonel’s level of cunning and mischief.

“I was looking for Jonel, I found him like this, I became desperate, I started to cry , and when I finally got the courage to get him out of there, he came out of the water as if nothing had happened. Look at his naughty face! This is not a joke Joneeeeel!!!”, wrote the owner of the animal in the publication.

Without a doubt Jonel is the one who truly deserves an Oscar, he made his poor owner cry

If the little dog wanted to teach his owner a lesson, he surely succeeded and before leaving him alone and unattended, this man will surely look for a way so that the dog does not even have time to come up with another prank of this type.

After crying thinking the worst, the owner of this dog was surprised by the cunning and intelligence of his pet. He didn’t expect that he could play such a practical joke on him that it became one of the most traumatic experiences he has ever had in his life.

Stories like these that reach us at Zoorprendente show that dogs are more similar to humans than we think.

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