Little dog approaches a homeless man and gives him a warm hug

A puppy is the best instrument of light and love in a person’s life. We will not tire of saying that they are by far the most loyal and noble beings around us .

On more than one occasion we have mentioned that these furry babies have the ability to understand the need of human beings for a hug, a caress, a gesture of love that makes them understand that everything will be fine.

Puppy approaches a person on the street and surprises him by giving him a tender hug.


And at some point in our lives we have all felt directionless, with that strange feeling that no matter how hard we try, things don’t turn out the way we want. However, undoubtedly, this sensation is much more overwhelming for those who are homeless .

For these people the reality is more than different, they spend their days begging for a plate of food, which for many is completely normal, and which is in itself a right, for others, it can be a privilege far from being enjoyed.

Not having shelter or daily food is one of the most unfortunate things someone can experience.

Not to mention the rejection they have to face from a society that, far from trying to change their day with a small gesture, views them in a derogatory way. Unfortunately, rejection is a constant for those who try to survive on the streets .

A reality that, as harsh as it may seem, is part of the daily lives of many countries, stories that make us question what we are doing wrong and what we can do to generate a change, even more so when we see that beings, who in theory are inferior to us, us. They teach a great lesson in love and empathy.

This is the story of a little dog who cared little about a man’s condition , he just stood in front of him and surprised him by giving him a hug with his paws .

The emotional video was shared through social networks and quickly went viral. The clip was accompanied with the following message:

“This dog approached a homeless man and seemed to know he needed him.”

Only twenty seconds were necessary for the images to move thousands of Internet users. A true delight for those who love animals and know that these furry ones recognize when we need a hug .

The little dog simply acted through his instinct and gave all of us who call ourselves rational beings a great lesson.

Without a doubt, the hug of this little dog was a caress in the soul of a man who has faced a thousand battles in silence and completely alone. One of the most notable differences between a human hug and a dog hug is that they never incorporate more information.

It’s a tender hug, just that. There are no words, there is no conversation before, during or after. There are no explanations. Just physical contact with a furry friend who seems to immediately understand that you need a hug .

By hugging, whether with people or animals, we are setting in motion a complex mechanism that brings together the interrelation of millions of neurons, we appeal to the most basic and instinctive communication. A hug  is the primal gesture of love, care and security .

That is why it is so important for babies to perceive the skin of their parents, that is why throughout our lives we are nourished by caresses and kisses, and that is why when the anxiety of routine grips us, a hug from our dog can mean so much. .

Although we do not know if the little dog belonged to the man or not, without a doubt, the furry boy’s gesture teaches us a great lesson. Be empathetic with those around us and never deny someone a gesture of affection that makes them feel loved and important.

We have so much to learn from puppies. Let’s hug from the soul and with respect

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