Lost police dog can’t control his excitement when he’s finally reunited with his human

dog that is lost is disoriented, can be easily startled and run away if you try to approach it abruptly or directly. This is the story of Thames, a police dog who disappeared on a New Zealand mountain .

Thames, the dog missing on a mountain in New Zealand


The incident occurred during training with his handlers and fellow human officials. The unfortunate canine member of law enforcement was missing for seven consecutive days .


Thames is an incredible German Shepherd dog, whose inseparable trainer and best friend is a man identified as Mike Wakefield. While they were conducting a search and rescue exercise , the four-year-old dog left and did not return.

Your loyalty and bravery is impressive.

The special rescue practice actions were planned at the top of the Tararua Mountains, located in the Wellington region, New Zealand. When they noticed the disappearance of the animal, all the alarms went off .

I just wanted to see him again

The police team then began an arduous search that lasted a week to find the whereabouts of their beloved and loyal lost dog. After countless efforts, Officer Wakefield found Thames behind some bushes .

Just at the moment when anguish and resignation began to take over the six officers, the Masterton police officer found his first clue . There, still fresh, printed in the mud were the footprints of his dog Thames.

“A large fresh footprint in the mud,” reads a statement that the police in Masterton, New Zealand, would later make public.

One day after following Thames’ trail, on day seven of the search, the team finally found what they were waiting for: Wakefield and another investigator found Thames safe and sound , although quite exhausted.

In addition to his obvious tiredness, Thames was very hungry . He looked thinner, but strong enough to walk on his own. He was very excited to see dear Mike and his other colleagues again.

The miraculous reunion was captured by the New Zealand police in adorable images that have gone around the world . The dog jumped up and showered Wakefield with kisses, happy to see him again. Truly, the love for his handler is infinite.

«He devoured half of my salami, which is a pleasure for him, I gave him a hug and we started playing. Seeing him again, I was simply speechless,” Wakefield said, according to the police statement.

The officers say today they feel calm and freed from the weight that Thames’ disappearance would have meant . They are absolutely delighted that everything turned out well and Mike is ecstatic to be reunited with his dog.

For his part, the good and loyal little animal is currently enjoying a well-deserved vacation and days of rest at home, accompanied by Wakefield, who is also on his annual holiday.

For the official, the most important thing is that his beloved three-year-old pet was not harmed in his long lost season. He says he feels very grateful that, finally, after the scare, he was able to return home with him.

“I am happy to see my beloved Thames again and I could not feel more grateful to everyone who supported me in his search. A thousand thanks to all my fellow officers for their effort, dedication and dedication,” the police officer added.

Their reunion was truly emotional:

And, for any of us who live with a pet, losing sight of it is a real drama. We are happy that the reunion between these two best friends forever occurred without any incidents to regret.

The love that develops in a relationship between a dog and a human is one of complete loyalty and knows no limits. It is another member of the family, essential to make our lives more bearable.

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