Moving hug between a cat and a dog when they were rescued after the earthquake in Syria

A hug will always be a band-aid for the soul, even more so after being a survivor of one of the most epic natural disasters in history. And, in the midst of a tragedy, humans are not the only ones who suffer, who feel, our animals also suffer the tragedy raw .

An example of this is the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which has left us images that have moved the entire world.

Emotional hug between a kitten and a puppy when they were rescued after the earthquake in Syria, moves the networks.


Heartbreaking stories and others full of hope that are a comfort in the midst of chaos.

This natural disaster has left more than 23 thousand people dead and tens of thousands injured . However, in these moments of sadness, acts of love and hope have been made known.

An image that emerged after the tragedy has gone viral through social networks. It is of a puppy and a kitten hugging after being rescued from the rubble in Syria.

The photo was shared through Twitter and has moved Internet users around the world, as it not only shows the anguish and fear that was experienced after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that affected Turkey and Syria last Monday, but it is proof that animals are capable of feeling empathy to comfort each other .

Rescue teams continue to work through the rubble and freezing temperatures.

In the images you can see a little brown dog with a sad look, sitting, head down, next to him there is a striped kitten that hugs him and hides his face, both are survivors of the earthquake .

This moving image has gone viral, it has obtained thousands of comments in which Internet users are excited by the scene that shows the nobility and affection on the part of the animals.

“We have so much to learn from them, just look at those eyes, of pure and innocent love.” “The fear on their faces.” “There is more nobility and purity there than in all of humanity.” “It is very sad to see these images and one so far away, to be able to help those little animals.” “What a terrible disaster my God, they also need a lot of help. Lord, protect them all.” “They are also living beings that need to be rescued from that unfortunate natural episode, they gave their unconditional love. Thanks to those rescuers who managed to get them out of the rubble.”

Rescue teams search through the rubble although the chances of finding survivors are almost zero. Time has passed, added to the low temperatures, making the rescues become a true miracle .

Everything that is happening is very unfortunate, let us keep in mind that not only people are affected in this tragedy, many animals were also victims of this disaster that today mourns two countries and moves the entire world . It is time to show empathy, kindness and compassion, those values ​​that we take for granted but that are so difficult for us to demonstrate when the other person is down.

Little animals, without a doubt, never stop demonstrating the infinite nobility that lives in them , beings of light and love that a simple gesture: a hug, show us that they also feel and need to be consoled.

Our infinite gratitude to all the rescuers who tirelessly give their best regardless of the prognosis, or how discouraging the outlook is. Thanks to their incredible work, these furry babies were rescued and will be able to enjoy a new opportunity.

Hopefully more miracles continue to happen and we can witness stories of love, compassion and kindness.

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