Nick Cannon Claims Bruno Mars Outshines Beyoncé with an Impressive Catalog of Hits

On the latest episode of Nick Cannon’s new Amp show The Daily Cannon, which aired on Monday (May 22), the father of 12 sparked a debate with his cohosts when he said he would prefer to attend a Bruno Mars concert over a show headlined by either Bey or Taylor Swift.

“No offense, I would rather go to a Bruno Mars show than a Beyoncé or Taylor Swift show,” Nick Cannon stated.

After receiving major pushback from his cohosts, Nick Cannon questioned, “Who got more hits?”

Following more pushback, Nick doubled down. “Beyoncé got more hits than Bruno Mars?” he intently questioned.

When one of Nick Cannon’s cohosts began listing out Bey’s hit songs, Nick was still not convinced.

“I am a  Beyoncé fan. I still believe Bruno Mars actually has more hits records,” Nick Cannon conceded.

Well, men lie, women lie and numbers don’t, and according to the official tale of the tape (Billboard’s Hot 100 chart history for each artist), Beyoncé has way more hits than Bruno Mars. They both have the same number of No. 1’s with eight. However, Bey has 21 top 10 hits to Bruno Mars’ 18. In total, Jay-Z’s wife has 81 total Hot 100 singles while Bruno Mars has 32.

Beyoncé is currently on the Renaissance World Tour in promotion of her latest album, Renaissance. The seven-month tour will make 57 stops throughout Europe and North America.

See Nick Cannon Debating That Bruno Mars Has More Hits Than Beyoncé Below

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