On Mars, a frozen alien soldier waith weapons has been found.


There is a comment from Disclose Tv that the most important question about this whole thing is whether it is a statue or a petrified person

NASA filmed a frozen armed alien on Mars: Conspiracy theorists claim to have spotted an alien soldier on Mars filming NASA’s Curiosity rover. The video shows the alien wearing a space suit and carrying a weapon. Some believe it is frozen.


The world, but also the universe is full of mysteries. We are yet to discover the secrets of the universe, starting locally with our solar system. Mars is one of the biggest mysteries. According to some studies, life and alien civilizations existed on Mars many thousands of years ago.

NASA filmed a frozen armed alien on Mars

The creature was first spotted by an independent researcher named Paranormal Crucible, who posted it on YouTube. In the description of the video, he wrote that it was an intriguing object that he noticed while browsing the NASA archives.

“This definitely looks like an artificial creation and in my opinion it is an ancient statue. “The weird thing about this video is that the creature looks like an insect-type alien.”


However, many are not convinced and have their own theories about what it really is. One of them is Zach Farley, who said that it is probably a smaller rock, which stands in front of an even bigger one.

There is a comment from Disclose Tv that the most important question about this whole thing is whether it is a statue or a petrified person. From there they say that maybe the alien was frozen with some powerful weapon.

Earlier, before the video was released, the news of a team of alien hunters who came across a giant alien claw buried deep in a desert in Peru was made public.

The alien hunters claimed that the giant hand had three fingers and that it probably belonged to an alien or a giant humanoid.



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