Strange, rare two-headed turtle discovered on a farm in the US

According to The Sun Jonesboro, employees working at the Northeast Ark turtle farm in Amagon, Arkansas, USA, accidentally discovered a two-headed turtle in a shipment of 30,000 turtles shipped from China.

Phat hien rua hai dau ky la, quy hiem trong mot trang trai o My hinh anh 1

The tortoise has not yet been placed, but a farm representative said they may be selling the turtle to a collector.

The farm’s representative also said they had seen a two-headed turtle before, but it had been dead since birth. Besides, they also found turtles with more than 4 legs or no tail.

Phat hien rua hai dau ky la, quy hiem trong mot trang trai o My hinh anh 2

According to one biologist, mutant turtles were very rare in the past. However, the number of particular creatures is increasing rapidly in recent times.

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