Stray dog ​​falls asleep in a warm manger next to Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus

A stray dog ​​has such a pure and innocent soul that in these days when the world becomes more empathetic and sensitive around Christmas, it is capable of drawing a permanent smile on us. 

There are moments in life whose mere experience moves us to the core, scenes of tenderness and humanity exist everywhere and show us that, without a doubt, life together with our friendly and always surprising companions from the animal kingdom is worth it. be lived.

We have talked a lot about the problem of the overpopulation of street dogs, a public health issue that affects the vast majority of countries in the world and continues to increase at worrying numbers.

The story of this little dog takes place in the streets of Vibonese, in Italy, and is perfect for these dates when we see the representation of the birth of the baby Jesus everywhere, and why not, one as authentic as the one he represented .

Since the furry boy did not have a shelter to go to take shelter from the harsh winter cold, he fell asleep peacefully on a manger next to the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, as if he were another representative of the birth of the Lord, next to the mule, the ox and the three Wise Men.

The scene was so tender that the organizers of the manger, after looking at the little dog in its sacred relaxation, did not in any way object to the sweet little animal resting a little in such a significant place. Far from taking him out, they let him sleep soundly.

“Christmas is a very good time to give and receive, but also to be grateful. This tiny little animal searched until he found this beautiful shelter next to the Child Jesus, well accompanied, with a roof and the right temperature. “It couldn’t be better,” declared the woman who took the images.

The stray dog ​​couldn’t choose a better warm and loving place to fall asleep.


Simply put, the animal realized that there was no one in the place, except for the wooden religious figures, and without thinking twice it settled down to sleep very comfortably, causing with its very natural action the laughter of hundreds of users who They have shared the images of the sleepy dog ​​with María and José.

“A moving episode that occurred in Vibonese, specifically in Limbadi, has gone viral on social networks, where an unusual ‘living figure’ joined the nativity scene set up in the square. Next to the baby Jesus, a dog evidently without an owner,” reads the message of the publication.

It is not known how long the dog spent the night there, or if he only visited for a while, got bored and left. The truth is that he is now famous and many people have agreed to call him, from now on, the “sacred dog . ”

Animal instinct is an inner force or faculty that forces all animals in the kingdom to act without resistance and without their consent. It is the faithful and safe guide for the conservation of the individual and the species. 

Rest is a fundamental part of the conservation and good health of any living being; Precisely, it was the survival instinct and that need for a good nap, which has made this little dog a social media star for his candor, his innocence and his sweetness.

And although the scene has stolen the hearts of all of us, we would like to never have to write again about a little dog on the street who is cold and hungry while we are warm as a family celebrating Christmas.

May this sweet story of a little dog curled up in the manger remind us to care for and protect animals wherever we go. They have no evil and trust us completely!

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