Sweet baby dog ​​is the best behaved, taking his medicine without questioning

For many pet owners, it is a real headache to get their dog to take his syrups, pills, ointments or injections depending on his condition.

Many people resort to different tricks to facilitate the application of medical treatments for their dog at home. However, and although it is very rare, there are also those furry ones who collaborate and do not put up any type of resistance when taking their medicine.

Little dog takes his medicine without throwing any kind of tantrum.


An example of this is an adorable four-month-old pinscher named Iris , who surprised her entire family after drinking her syrup.

The moment was recorded by a family member and shared on the social networks of Kaline Gomez , a resident of Jaboatáo dos Guararapes, a Brazilian municipality in the state of Pernambuco .

In the short clip you can see the dog in the arms of her adoptive mother , who with one hand lulls her as if she were a baby and with the other gives her the syrup. Another family member tells Iris to open her mouth so he can take her medicine and incredibly he opens it without resisting the act.

The video was shared on networks, it didn’t take long for it to go viral, so far, it has achieved more than a million views .

Many pet owners have to maneuver to get their dogs to take their medications.

The little dog belongs to Kaline’s mother, Luiza Gomez, a 66-year-old woman from Paraíba. For the woman, her dog has become her best companion, she is another member of the family that she takes care of and gives all the love that she deserves .

When her dog got sick, she took her to the vet who prescribed some medications. She never imagined that her faithful companion would be so obedient to take the treatment. When she told her daughter that Iris didn’t resist taking the syrup, she couldn’t believe it . So he visited his mother to witness this spectacle in the front row. In this regard, Kaline said:

“When he told me that the dog opened his mouth to take medicine, I didn’t believe him until I saw it. I said ‘mom I need to film because I only see it to believe it’. “Then I posted it on TikTok and out of nowhere it went viral.”

The little pinscher knows that her mother wants the best for her, so she does not resist and much less tries to escape , something unusual considering that most dogs resist taking medications. But Iris knows very well that it is for her own good and collaborates with her adoptive mother.

Luiza is an animal lover, she has another puppy and a bird at home, but with Iris she has shown special treatment, perhaps because she is a puppy and needs more attention. She loves them all equally, but this sweet dog conquered her heart in a special way .

“I love when mom sends videos of her playing, sends pictures of her in a dress. The love and care she has with the dog is beautiful,” Kaline said.

Faced with such a beautiful scene, it was impossible for all the animal lovers not to react or leave positive comments, some of the messages read:

“Then they say they don’t understand, how cute”, “What a cute little dog that takes medicine without making a drama”, “Poor little guy, he feels bad, he wants to be well so he can continue playing with his toys or siblings. I sincerely wish you well soon. The puppies are a love.”

Dogs are very skilled at not quickly swallowing or spitting out something they don’t like, so seeing little Iris voluntarily taking her treatment is truly admirable.

We wish you a speedy recovery and that you continue to enjoy all the beautiful love that your family offers you.

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