The emotional last goodbye to his elderly dog ​​goes viral after 15 years faithfully at his side

Saying goodbye forever to our loved ones until the next life is one of the hardest experiences. And of course they include our faithful 4-legged friends .

Our pets share our lives showing us loyalty. They accompany us day after day. In good times and bad, they are one of the family. They make our soul happy, we feel their love and unconditional loyalty. Therefore, how can we not experience the death of our pets as a low blow in life?

How is it possible to survive such deep pain?

Social networks, and especially the users of the “Dog Petting Club” group, were tremendously moved by a publication made in the last few hours.

After a lifetime with his family, Negrito, an elderly dog, finally crossed the rainbow bridge , leaving a deep void in his family.

He was very loved by everyone. For this reason, his human mother wanted to pay tribute to him in a touching wake to say goodbye to her. He wanted his soul to feel, upon leaving this world, all the affection and love they professed to him.

A creature who loved so much on this earth deserved the most emotional last goodbye.


Samyna de Cote was the user who  shared some images of the heartfelt wake of her beloved Negrito .

At the time of his death he had already turned 15 years old . A decade and a half making his loved ones happy and accompanying them in his residence in the city of Puebla, Mexico.

The furry man’s funeral was truly impressive, given its solemnity.

Her little body, damaged by the years, was lying on a bed made of green branches, and her little head was resting on a lace pillow , all crowned with rose petals and a blanket .

The heartbreaking scene took place inside the parlor of a local pet funeral home.

“Friends, after almost 15 years of being with us, today our Negrito left. He was a warrior, the loss of him hurts and hurts a lot, but I know that now he has crossed the rainbow to meet all those furry angels and be happy. He will no longer suffer and from his heaven he will continue to take care of us,” said Samyna with deep regret.

These heartfelt words made hundreds of netizens react, who very sensitively commented on the publication, also saying goodbye to Negrito and expressing words of comfort for Samyna and her family.

Thousands of Internet users showed solidarity and joined in so much pain

“Much encouragement! He stopped suffering and rests in peace. No words comfort you at this time, but I am very sorry, all the good times that happened remain with you.” commented one Internet user.

We only have to, for our part, put ourselves in their place and send a lot of strength to Samyna and her loved ones. We know that they will surely be devastated by the departure of his pet. However, now they will have a spiritual presence that will be watching over them forever.

Every detail in the heartfelt ceremony reflected that it was a pet that never lacked love.

Pets have ceased to be an object that wanders around the house or garden and have become, for many years, indispensable beings in the lives of some people.

We know well the love they give to all members of the family, as well as the dedication we give them every day.

From the other side of the rainbow, Negrito now rests in peace knowing that he was fortunate to be the most loved. Impossible to contain the tears!

Whether it’s a dog, a kitten, a bird, or whatever creature, all pets have a sacred place in our hearts. May the world take this example of authentic love and devotion for animals, which is truly moving.

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