The strong will to fight against the disease of a 20-month-old baby

The family of a 20-month-old baby with a defective heart and water on the brain is appealing for assistance. The baby’s father, Kang, has come forward, seeking suggestions for the treatment of his deformed child. The baby was born with only three heart chambers instead of the usual four, resulting in the heart defect.

The baby was given just days to live, maybe a month, at birth, the father says (Image: Exclusivepix Media)

It also suffers from water on the brain.

The family live in Bang Bon, a district of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital.

The baby suffers water on the brain (Image: Exclusivepix Media)
The baby being cared for in hospital (Image: Exclusivepix Media)

Kang said: “When our baby was born the doctors said life expectancy would be just a few days, maybe a month.

“Well, twenty months on we’re still hoping that some treatment can be found.”

“That’s why I am speaking out that maybe someone will notice it who can recommend a specialist paediatrician.”

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