The “Superstar” 4-legged Duck generated a frenzy among the people who use the internet –

A four-legged duck is becoming very popular on the farm in Hamsphire, England. Uncle’s name is Stumpy. Stumpy always appeared under the glare of searchlights and cameras as he performed his first swims at the Warrawee Duck Farm in Copythorne.

“Superstar” 4-legged duck caused a fever in the online community –

He appears regularly in national newspapers, Web sites and the Richard & Judy Show and is scheduled to appear on ITV’s good morning show.

“Superstar” 4-legged duck caused a fever in the online community –

With four legs, Stumpy swam for 15 minutes in a water-filled sand pit with the witness of Hamsphire reporter Nicky Janaway. Nicky said: “The duck swims very comfortably and from now on he will swim every day. When he saw the children’s swimming pool, he showed great interest and immediately went to swim.”

“Superstar” 4-legged duck caused a fever in the online community –

Nicky commented: “The duck is now very valuable and even has a girlfriend named Alice. While swimming, she called out to him in an earnest voice and he answered immediately because they always missed each other and Alice felt unable to leave Stumpy. In addition to attracting attention by swimming, he is still very famous for his appearance. Moreover, Stumpy also seems to be a showy duck.”

“Superstar” 4-legged duck caused a fever in the online community –

“Superstar” 4-legged duck caused a fever in the online community –

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