The US Navy’s commander published real photos of an alien spacecraft.

Last week, the US Navy Commander sent UFO pictures in circles through the media. He filed a formal complaint and concluded that it was now time to release classified data, mainly images that could be used as proof of UFO existence. Navy Commander Graham Bethune captured pH๏τos of a UFO launch, as well as many others, last week.

As they pᴀss through media, the pH๏τographs date back to 1989. Bethune has now retired, and believes the truth is more important that his position and reputation in the United States army.


These records were obtained by US military whistleblowers. Bethune claims the images were sent him by a close friend. The images were provided by a close friend who would prefer to remain anonymous. He claimed that he had discovered another kind of intelligence and took the pH๏τos. These pH๏τos were taken in 1989 on September 27th.


According to reports the pH๏τos are a staged reproduction featuring real alien ships. The ship appears to be taking off or landing on the ground thanks to strong light columns that appear to be falling from the ship.

The pH๏τographer was on his way to Nashville to capture the night sky.

The pH๏τographer saw a light hidden behind a row trees that seemed to be moving and lively. At 9:00 p.m., the pH๏τographer stopped and took two models of his camera from his trunk. The first was a Canon AE-1 while the second was a Canon T-90.

He was a professional pH๏τographer and he took the time to get closer to the mountains and forest to improve his vision. He took the amazing pH๏τos that were released from there. He claimed he was only six miles away, but still felt incredible impacts.