They abandon her, they run over her and she loses her hind legs, but she doesn’t stop watching over her puppies.

A mother will do everything to guarantee the health and life of her children. And a mother dog , even after losing her hind legs, has given the greatest lesson of all that moves her to tears.

This story titled “Angel of God” is about Shi Bao, a beautiful small breed dog who has shown that a mother’s love goes beyond life.

Shi managed to survive after losing her hind legs in an accident and becoming a mother


The poor dog was abandoned in Datong, China, by her owner due to the economic situation caused by the pandemic.

Luckily, a group of activists rescued her and gave her a new chance to live.

When Shi was rescued, her health was critical , her hind legs were severely affected and to save her life there was no other solution than to remove them.

Unfortunately, Shi ran into a driver who hit her . Rescuers revealed that Shi was found unconscious with her hind legs in a pitiful state.

The callous driver was unable to stop, leaving her with irreversible injuries.

She was rushed to the Meilian Zhonghe Veterinary Hospital , where she received medical attention and after being examined, she underwent surgery to amputate her hind legs.

Doctors discovered that Shi was pregnant, but miraculously her pregnancy was not at risk.

This dog never gave up. After several weeks in care, Shi gave birth, but a difficult new stage was about to begin for her. Of her four puppies, two died from distemper, and the third was born in a very serious condition.

The fourth puppy was the only one that was completely healthy and will be adopted by a family in Norway.

Dr. Xue, a veterinarian at the Meilian Zhonghe Veterinary Hospital, expressed his amazement at the delivery of this dog to take care of her puppies.

“Even with all the difficulties, Shi is a great mom,” Dr. Xue said.

The rescuers published on their Facebook account that they asked the authorities to start an investigation process to identify the dog’s former owner.

The third puppy will travel to Canada where he will receive treatment and, once he has recovered, he will be adopted

The images of Shi with her babies were published on social networks, moving hundreds of users, who have expressed their admiration for this dog who is giving an example to the world about the true meaning of love.

“How sad to see her situation, but her motherly love is admirable, I wish they could give her a prosthesis, God willing it to be so, blessings for the dog and her puppies,” said a user.

“Nice example of a mother, who despite her evils carried out by a human, fulfills her role as a mother with her little ones, an example to follow for many women who kill or abandon their children,” wrote another person .

What hard times this dog must have gone through when she found herself on the street, alone, helpless, without food or water, abandoned in the middle of nowhere without knowing the way back home.

But in the midst of so much adversity, his children would come first and he would never let himself be defeated. What a madrassah!

It is no secret to anyone that dogs are very special beings, full of solidarity, a lot of love and a sense of protection, they are always willing to help others, especially their loved ones.

We cannot understand how, after seeing these compelling examples of dedication, self-sacrifice and love of dog mothers towards their pups, there are still heartless subjects who mistreat them and leave them to their fate.

We are sorry that Shi had to lose his hind legs, but we celebrate his bravery and his life. Thanks to those who committed themselves to saving her from her.

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