They adopt the little dog that waited 8 days for its owner outside the hospital without knowing that she had died

When a dog meets someone who manages to enter their heart, it is very difficult for them to forget that person lightly. It is for this reason that the stories of loyalty and unconditional love that come from our furry friends always move us, and on this occasion Benito ‘s case is not very different.

The little dog had a last gesture of love with his owner.puppy

Benito lives in the city of Lambaré (Paraguay), and for years he had been in the care of a woman who definitely stole his heart. Unfortunately, the dog’s years of happiness were clouded when the woman was infected with the deadly virus that affects the world.

Beni’s human mother fell ill with Covid-19.

After weeks of treatment and experiencing certain complications due to COVID, Benito’s owner had to be admitted to the Lambaré Hospital . From there this little dog has gone through a sad agony, with which he has made clear all the love he feels for his mother. 

The furry man decided to accompany the woman to the entrance of the hospital.

Unable to see her, the dog surprised the health center employees by waiting for eight long days outside the emergency.

Benito spent day and night there, hoping to see his human again, but life played a bad trick on him: Benito’s mother couldn’t stand the virus and lost her life.

From the outskirts of the hospital the little animal dreamed of his human coming back.

Everyone was surprised by Benito’s loyalty, who, despite the sun and rain, never left the vicinity of that door where he last saw his great love.

Since the dog’s death, he spent at least 8 more days outside the hospital waiting for his owner, until the hospital authorities informed a foundation to give the furry dog ​​an opportunity. 

It wasn’t fair that the dog ended his days on the street.

The Marcando Huellas organization rescued the beautiful Benito and now he must begin a new story.

“Some of the hospital officials felt sorry for him and gave him leftover food, but he hardly ate, he is very sad,” said activist Patricia Ruiz Díaz, from Marcando Huellas.

Apparently Benito’s old family did not want to take care of him, so the furry boy tries to recover from the bitter pill in the organization’s shelter.

“COVID brings many victims and part of them are also pets. Today we were very happy that Benito woke up with more spirits, he was already wagging his tail and walking behind the veterinarian,” Ruiz said. 

After the rescue, the veterinarians of Marcando Huellas realized that the furry boy is not completely well. Benito was defecating blood, so the specialists began to help him to recover his health and his spirit.

Fortunately, the little dog is much better and his rescuer, Patricia Ruiz Díaz, gave one last and beautiful advance on this case.

«He is already chubbier, he is a loved and happy dog. He shares a house with 8 sisters and 2 brothers. “Now he only gets sad on rainy days,” commented Patricia.

Benito was adopted!

This little dog will be happy again with his new family and his new name: Rubio, as he has been baptized. He will fondly remember his former owner but now has the opportunity to rewrite his story.

There is no doubt that there is strength in unity and cases like these demonstrate the importance of helping so many furry friends who are on the streets. At the end of the day the well-being of these beings is the best reward.

The dogs never stop showing us their loyalty and Rubio is a clear example, which is why abandonment hurts us so much. Share this case and send your blessings to this dog.

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