They capture a dog that remains motionless supporting her father in his work as a human statue

Work, no matter what it is, is one of the things that dignifies the human being. Now, not everyone is lucky enough to have the privilege of having the support of their faithful 4-legged friend during their work day . Especially when the person responsible for multiplying your tips is your cute pet.

Yorge Luis Ruiz is a young man who does not go unnoticed in Brazil . For four years he has dedicated himself to working as a human statue in the streets and has stolen everyone’s hearts due to his enormous talent.

The young man’s work is a human statue but he has the most unique collaborator that everyone loves


This special art form requires a lot of physical control and patience. Every day, Yorge spends hours perfecting her makeup and every detail of her wardrobe to look like an ancient bronze statue.

His dog will never stop posing with his father to help people be more generous with him

Without a doubt, the best thing about his show is his furry assistant: Jasper. This adorable dog accompanies Yorge everywhere.

He has been his pet for many years and they have formed such a special bond that the dog seems to share his artistic talents with him.

Jasper spends so close to his human day and night that he seems to have even improved the master

Jasper is brown and this helps her match Yorge’s statue outfit perfectly.

The furry girl accompanies him on many occasions and, like her owner, loves to pose to captivate her audience.

In a matter of seconds it becomes the perfect dog statue and not a hair will move

A couple of weeks ago, the Ministry of Culture of the state of Ceará published a video celebrating the curious pair.

This is a very special act by Yorge: His dog sits comfortably on his arm and when Yorge kisses her, she leans over his shoulder and remains as static as her father.

A scene that has made the whole world fall in love

It seems like something really simple but thanks to Yorge’s precision in his movements and his wonderful connection with the dog, they have left everyone speechless.

Since then, Yorge has risen to fame and currently has more than 120 thousand followers on his Instagram account.

The young man has been truly moved by all the messages of support he has received from around the world and decided to take a few minutes to say thank you.

“We are overwhelmed by all the positive comments we received. I never imagined something like this,” thanked Yorge.

Unfortunately, all of this artist’s work has been abruptly interrupted during the pandemic.

Yorge and his wife are two Venezuelans who moved to Brazil hoping to get a better life, but the economic crisis has deeply affected them.

“Working with the public during the pandemic has become very difficult for me. “I really need help,” said Yorge.

The street artist began raising funds in hopes of providing much-needed support.

There is no doubt that Yorge and his dog Jasper have a very special relationship. We wish them the best, especially during these difficult times where their work has been so affected by the pandemic crisis.

Let’s make known the work of this young man and his dog to support them. It is obvious that they truly love each other and he deserves a world of opportunities to give Jaspe the life he deserves.

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