They found scared puppies bathed in tar, they could only move their eyes

Stray puppies are one of the animals that, unfortunately, suffer the most from the actions of unscrupulous beings .

The mistreatment of defenseless animals is one of the most cruel and incomprehensible faces that some human beings show in society .


Today we present to you one of those cases that reveal the evil of some, but the great love of others to make a difference and save the lives of the most vulnerable.

The tar-covered puppies achieved an incredible transformation

Two little dogs were rescued covered in tar, they were in a garbage can without being able to move , the substance had hardened, becoming a solid mass and very heavy for their small bodies.

They were very weak and scared, they could barely breathe. The puppies were cared for by the rescue group Animal Aid Unlimited , in India, who are dedicated to rescuing stray animals in critical conditions.

The puppies were rescued from a garbage dump

The rescuers knew that they had to act as quickly as possible, otherwise the tar would stick to the dogs’ skin, making it even more difficult for them to breathe. At the rescue center they gave them some antibiotics to calm the pain and calm them down .

The priority was to remove the tar without hurting them, so it was quite a challenge for the volunteers who, with great care and infinite love, removed a large part of the thick substance by spraying their little bodies with oil .

The volunteers spent several hours freeing the dogs from the thick substance.

Fortunately, the technique worked and after long hours of work, the dogs were completely clean , they needed to rest to be able to give them a new refreshing bath, so at the end of the day they were placed in a kennel with a comfortable bed for them.

However, when the rescuers thought it was all over, they received a call telling them that there were more puppies covered in tar that they desperately needed to help .

A group of rescuers went to the scene as quickly as possible, when they arrived they came across two dogs in a situation similar to the rescue they had done just hours before .

Now they had two other dogs covered in tar that needed to be cared for. Back at the shelter they rushed to clean them. It did n’t take them long to notice that the dogs were brothers of the furry ones rescued earlier . Late at night they reunited them with their brothers.

The next day, the puppies received a comforting bath, were fed healthy food, and received plenty of cuddles from their caregivers. They were four adorable little angels who became a beautiful miracle of life .

Soon, Animal Aid Unlimited learned that there was a canine mother wandering the streets trying to

to find their babies , they knew that it was the mother of the rescued furry ones, so they did everything possible to locate her and unite the family.

The family was finally reunited and they are waiting to be adopted

Although these furry dogs achieved a happy ending, it is not the first time that different rescue groups have responded to the call to save dogs covered in this viscous liquid that can be fatal if they ingest it or do not receive attention in time .

It is difficult not to be moved by images that reveal a harsh reality, animal abuse is latent in the streets, so it is necessary to create social awareness and educate about the importance and respect that not only street dogs but all animals in the world deserve. world .

Infinite thanks to all the rescue groups like Animal Aid Unlimited that are dedicated to transforming lives and offering second chances to the most vulnerable furry children. If you cannot adopt, donate or volunteer at the rescue center near your community .

Don’t forget that there are always ways to help when we want to do it from the heart.

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