They point out the man who was recorded bathing his submissive dog in a strange position

Recently, a video of a man who was recorded while bathing his dog went viral Although it seemed like a harmless act, many pointed it out for the puppy’s strange posture, and he had to offer explanations for it.

Personal grooming can be a somewhat complicated topic to address with some pet owners who have a difficult task when it comes to bathing their furry ones.

We must accept that in this case many little dogs bring out the beast that they carry in them and can transform into the most rude beings, but this does not apply to Frida.

This mixed-breed dog can be considered the cleanest dog on the Internetlittle dog

Through a short video shared on the TikTok network, the dog showed why she limps, as she highlighted her education and good habits.

Frida’s family decided to record her while she was taking a bath, her owner rubs her and tries to clean her properly, but the mestiza’s attitude is what has surprised the most on the networks.

If your dog is a grooming scamp, you will surely want to have a Frida at home.

In the recording of just 16 seconds, the dog is seen standing on two legs next to a type of improvised water tank.

Meanwhile, her owner soaps her and pours water with a small cup. 

With the help of a bowl, the man cleans Frida.

The furry girl doesn’t look very happy and is shivering from the cold, but that doesn’t mean she leaves her position. She is still there, standing on her hind legs and very judicious until her daddy finishes.

“Let’s finish soon, dad.”

This attitude is unnatural in puppies, so we assume Frida has been trained to behave at bath time. A situation that sparked some controversy on the social network.

The man bends down to clean it well in each area.

Of the more than 15 thousand views that the video has accumulated, some of the users were outraged at an act that they classified as “cruel.”

However, this was not the perception of the conglomerate, since the majority of netizens were melted seeing Frida and her good disposition.

This funny comment was left on the video.

We all know that grooming a pet is not a simple matter, as some animals hate water and make bath time the worst of the day.

Although Frida is trained, we should not detract from her for how docile and judicious she is with her father. 

Watch in this video Frida’s great education that has earned her thousands of fans on TikTok:.

“That’s strange that she stays in that position for as long as there will be behind this and previously so that she learned to be in this position, I hope she’s wrong,” said a social media user.

However, another said: “I don’t see the bad thing about it, it’s just that she is very obedient, since she was little she was taught to do that.”

The truth is that at no time is the man seen attacking or injuring the dog, but everyone has their own way of seeing things.

Furthermore, it must be emphasized that an abusive owner rarely pays attention to the grooming of his pets and that is also part of the attention and expressions of love that every animal deserves. 

Cleanliness is health and Frida knows it very well, so she doesn’t object and cooperates with her daddy. It is an adorable position that also makes it easier for those responsible for her to bathe her in the best possible way, the important thing is to know that this little girl does not lack love.

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