Thousands flock to see baby born with 8 limbs in India

Thousands have flocked to see a baby born with four arms and four legs in India, reported Central European News (CEN).

The baby, dubbed “God Boy” by his parents because they say he looks like an Indian God, was born in Baruipur, a city in India’s eastern West Bengal State.

Thousands flock to see baby born with 8 limbs in India | Medicine - All about health and medicine

“When he first came out we couldn’t believe it,” an unnamed relative told local TV. “The nurses said he was badly deformed, but I could see that this was a sign from God.”

“In fact, this is a miracle, it’s God’s baby,” the relative said.

The village is being overrun by curious believers from across the region.

“When we first heard about God Boy we were slightly skeptical,” Chukka Roa, 67, who came from a neighboring village, told CEN. “When we eventually saw a pic of the child it was a  wonder. This is truly the son of the Hindu God Brahma, who also has four arms and four legs.”

Police say they are having trouble controlling the crowds.

“This is a freak baby and it is tragic, there is nothing Godly about him at all,” a police spokesman told CEN. “Hundreds are crying in the streets, hundreds of others are praying and setting up camp here.” The spokesman said he’d never seen anything like the crowds in his whole career.

Medics say the birth defect is actually the result of the remains of the baby’s twin being joined to him in the womb – a condition referred to as a parasitic twin.

“This is similar to the way that conjoined twins form,” Dr. Manny Alvarez, senior managing editor of health at and chairman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive science at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey said. “With conjoined twins, you have two living fetuses that are attached either by the head, abdomen or legs. [With a parasitic twin] it’s the same principle, except there is a malformation of one of those twins. As a result, the twin never fully develops and is then partially encased in the living fetus.”

The family understands the excitement and interest in their newest member.

“It is only natural that people want to see the God Baby,” the family member told CEN.

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