Touched by the courageous pitbull dog that gave his life to save the kids from a highly venomous snake

When talking about a pit bull, the words aggressiveness and ferocity usually come to mind for most people. It is a bad name that these animals have earned unfairly. But in reality  they are pets like any other capable of giving their lives for their human as Zeus did in Florida.

Zeus was loved by all

Society in general and some media have contributed to misrepresenting the image of this dignified breed of animals. But, did you know that it has been proven that the aggressiveness and ferocity of these little animals is directly related to the way they are treated at home?

If they are constantly mistreated and totally irresponsible upbringing, their behavior will reflect what they receive. Humans must train and educate them with love , similar to the way of raising a child.

Zeus was only 8 months old and was part of the Richardson family. He was a highly desired pet and  he came to the family home to fill it with joy and love. His masters were delighted with him, he had two human brothers and they adored each other.

Protected all defenseless beings

At home in Sumter County, they lived happily as one big family. The puppy was always close to his brothers, alert to any danger to protect them.

But one day, the children were outside the house cleaning the dish to put the water in for their pet without imagining the danger that lay in wait for them. Very close to them was a menacing snake . It was a coral, one of the most poisonous reptiles.

Fortunately, the faithful Zeus did see the snake arrive, stared at it and immediately pounced on it to prevent it from attacking his brothers . The reptile bit him four times.

“Suddenly the dog started attacking the snake that was near my children and was bitten four times,” Gary explained.

The family was shocked. Such a tender and docile cub  died protecting his brothers from him. That is why the Richardsons do not tire of exalting the nobility of their pet.

“He’s been a great member of the family,” Georgina Richardson remarked .

The whole family mourns the great loss

Gary, the husband,  deeply regrets the loss of the animal , with whom he shared so many moments of joy.

“Pit bulls are the most loyal dog I know and I have had many animals in my life. If you find a pitbull that is aggressive, chances are it was not treated correctly. If you treat them right, they would give their lives for you and I owe my children’s lives to him,” Gary added.

He was always an amazing dog

Zeus is an example of what a dog can do for his humans when he has received love and affection.

Let’s end the prejudices towards some dog breeds. Rest in peace, beautiful and faithful Zeus!

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