Two stench-producing sea creatures are discovered by locals in Texas’ coastal region.

The king cobra, one of the most venomous snakes in Asia and the longest venomous snake in the world, is responsible for numerous deaths each year in India and Sri Lanka, where between 15,000 and 60,000 people reportedly die from snake bites alone. The queen of the snakes chooses to live in tropical forests and dense bushland in South and Southeast Asia. The king cobra’s venom is incredibly potent and abundant due to its large size, as it can grow up to 5 meters or more in length. A single bite from this deadly snake can release enough venom to kill 20 adult men. What’s interesting about the king cobra is that it has the ability to control the dose of venom released, something other snakes cannot do. Apart from the king cobra, the so-called “big four” are also worth mentioning, as they are responsible for the majority of snake bite deaths. This group includes the brussels viper, the saw scale viper, the Indian cobra, and the common crate. The Indian cobra, also known as the “big four,” is another dangerous snake that should be avoided.

The Most Dangerous Animals in Asia in Action - YouTube

the animal world of asia is very diverse and numerous among all the richness of asian fauna there are surely dangerous animals in this part of the world you can come across giant deadly snakes seven meter long crocodiles terrifying scorpions and more in this episode i’ll show you the most dangerous animals in asia and tell you what they’re capable of let’s go snakes snakes are unique creatures some of these reptiles are not dangerous and some on the contrary are too venomous that’s why they top this episode

according to some estimates between 15 000 and 60 000 people die each year in india and sri lanka alone as a result of snake bites the king cobra is one of the most venomous snakes in asia and the longest venomous snake in the world it can be encountered in south and southeast asia as a place of its habitat the queen of the snakes chooses tropical forests and dense bushland the venom of the king cobra is too powerful and it has a lot of it this isn’t surprising just look at the size of the snake after all king cobras can grow up to 5

meters or more in length the king cobra can release enough venom to kill 20 adult men in one bite interestingly the king cobra can do something that other snakes cannot it can control the dose of venom released in addition to the king cobra the so-called big four is worth mentioning these snakes are the culprits of most attacks each of them is responsible for the majority of bites and deaths this group includes the brussels viper the saw scale viper the indian cobra and the common crate the indian cobra is also known as the

spectacled cobra when the snake shows its hood you can see a pattern on the back that looks like inverted glasses the venom of the indian cobra mainly contains a potent cardiotoxin and post-synaptic neurotoxin that damages the nervous system in humans the effects of the bite can appear in 20 minutes the venom of the indian cobra is so powerful that one drop will kill 140 medium-sized dogs saltwater crocodile asia is home to many species of crocodiles from gharials to one of the largest species the saltwater crocodile

is another deadly predator of asia the range of this crocodile extends from sri lanka to eastern india along the coast of southeast asia to the central regions of vietnam the saltwater crocodile is called the king of reptiles and the menace of all life and for good reason this is the largest reptile on the planet which can be up to seven meters long due to their large size crocodiles of this species often attack large animals they also pose a serious danger to careless humans the saltwater crocodile has powerful jaws with 64 to 68 sharp

teeth the force of its bite is 250 atmospheres in lions for example this indicator is only 45 atmospheres the saltwater crocodile is very cunning it tracks its prey while it’s completely in the water only the nostrils eyes and part of the back remains on the surface when the unfortunate victim is nearby the crocodile ruthlessly attacks grabs it and drags it to the bottom fat tail scorpion despite their modest size of about 10 to 12 centimeters these scorpions are very dangerous their generic name of androctonus translates as mankiller


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