Cardi B’s Drug Trafficking Arrest Claims Debunked by Police: Setting the Record Straight

Looks like Cardi B’s tall tale about the LAPD stopping her car and accusing her of drug trafficking was just that since authorities have no record of the incident.

Police Deny Cardi B’s Wild Claims About Almost Arresting Her for Drug Trafficking – Report

On Thursday (March 26), law enforcement sources told TMZ that there is no evidence the LAPD pulled over Cardi’s vehicle nor did a strip search. Several divisions within the LAPD allegedly looked around for information on the moment but came up with nothing.

A day prior, the Bronx rapper was on Instagram Live, which can be viewed below, telling a wild story of how the LAPD stopped her in a vehicle. Cardi claimed cops thought she was trafficking fentanyl and had a gun. She even said the story would hit TMZ soon. As a result of the information she shared on the Live, Cardi grabbed several news headlines across the internet.

A rep for Cardi B tells XXL that her Instagram Live was taken out of context and there is no truth to this story. Perhaps Cardi was just doing a bit of imaginative story time with her fans or testing how media reports on artists’ activities.

Some of the surprising accusations in Cardi’s story include drug trafficking and being forced to get naked. “They thought I was trafficking fentanyl,” Cardi said. “And they thought I had a gun in my car. So they stopped me and everything. All the helicopters in L.A., they were outside. Yo, I was freaking out. They had me outside for like three hours. They had me getting butt-naked outside. Yo, like, s**t was crazy. It was dead a movie and whatever, but you already know. I’m ’bout to sue the LAPD. I told them like, ‘Yo, I’m Cardi B. Like do I look like I gotta sell some s**t? Like why would I do that? I would never pull no s**t like that.'”

Cardi went on to say she feels someone is trying to ruin her life with false accusations. “They didn’t believe me. It was some White cops and they ain’t know who I was. It was tough on me and everything. They said somebody gave them a clue. I really feel like it was one of my opps and s**t, like they really trying to ruin my life type s**t. Like y’all don’t even f**king know. I been going through a lot lately.”

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